How to Create Friend Time On a Busy Schedule

With Valentines Day (or Gal-entines Day – we celebrate both) on everyone’s mind this month, what a better treat than to go get a blowout?

You know the drill: mimosas or wine, a rom-com playing in the background, and not having to wash and style your hair are pretty much #Goals. You need to wash your hair anyway, so you might as well make it a girl-date and log some time with your bestie or a new friend you want to get to know a little better.

We’ve become fans of incorporating friend time in whenever we can to maximize what free time we do have in our schedules. Take a Saturday morning pre-brunch with your boo to meet up with a friend – you’ll take care of a big chunk of your ‘getting ready’ routine and get in some girl talk (+ a mimosa is the perfect appetizer to brunch, no?)

A couple weeks ago we did just that at The Hair Bar and really enjoyed our experience there. It’s the same price as Dry Bar, but I felt like I got more personal attention. And I personally LOVE Kerastase and Amika products, which they use.

Circle Seven Five members get $30 a month to use at The Hair Bar now – 6/20/17. We love making moments like this happen for our #CSFpartygirls. To get access, create an account here.

We spoke with The Hair Bar Owner, Gina Ginsburg, to get to know the woman behind the business. And she told us the #1 secret for making your blowout last. Ready?

Gina: “Washing your hair twice before the blowout process to ensure your hair is very clean.  Then using  a good smelling Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner the days after your blowout.  Our client favorite is Amika’s Dry Shampoo (made with rice starch) to absorb oils, add volume and their Dry Conditioner that adds shine and fights static.”

CG: Gina, what is your favorite Brunch spot in Dallas?

Gina: Oooo- Sunday Funday is one of my favorite days with my girlfriends.  We love RISE for their amazing Souffles’ and The Rustic for their country family style breakfast served up with LIVE music.

CG: What inspired you to start your own business with The Hair Bar, and how did you know it was time to start adding more locations?

Gina: I was one of the Dry Bar’s most loyal and frequent customers when they first opened.  Having extensions, it can be quite tedious to blow dry my hair on my own.  I loved their concept – but at the time, there was not any competition in the area.

I felt that I could use their business model, and improve upon it.  For example – one of the biggest concerns I had with Drybar was the high rate of turnover.  This is because of the long hours the stylists work, and the low hourly wages they are paid.  It was frustrating as a customer to come in for blowouts and see my favorite stylist gone after a short while, then have to find a new one.  With my business I recruit quality stylists, pay them a bit more hourly and give them a commission.  This ensures loyalty and hard work.  I have very low employee turnover – and the customers appreciate coming in for their service and seeing their requested stylist and knowing they will be with us.

I had always planned on doing multiple locations, but once I opened 2 in 11 months, I realized I am only one person, and two was plenty for me to handle.  Because I take such an active role in the business, I did not trust building more locations and entrusting  others to operate and manage them.  Who knows – in the future, there may be franchise opportunities available.  

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